Home Appliances to Kickstart an Auspicious Diwali

There’s no better occasion to bring in the new and give your home a refreshing makeover than Diwali. Apart from giving the house a fresh of coat of paint and doing a thorough round of spring cleaning, the Festival of Lights is an auspicious time to shop for pieces of gold and silver, clothing and ornaments as well as household essentials to welcome good fortune into your home.

Shobha T. Bhalla, Managing Director of popular lifestyle magazine, India Se, talks about the significance behind this custom, “Many businesses choose to begin their financial year on Diwali. It’s also common practice to buy big-ticket items to symbolise wealth and prosperity. Other than splurging on jewellery, the wealthy would go to the extent of buying new furniture, household appliances or even cars!” While a total revamp isn’t necessary for most, it is particularly important to buy new household items that are made of steel, as owning metal is an indication of wealth.

Begin With a Thorough Clean

A rigorous round of spring cleaning does more than give your home a freshly-scrubbed look, it also makes for healthier living. More importantly, “The main deity of Diwali is Laskhmi, the goddess of wealth and fortune. To welcome her into their homes, Hindus will ensure that everything is spotless and fit for her entry,” explains Shobha.

To make quick work of your laundry once all the vacuuming and mopping are done, follow these brilliant tips to use your washing machine more efficiently.

Stock Up for a Bountiful Year

You’d be hard-pressed to find a pantry that isn’t stocked to the brim with a colourful array of herbs, spices and gravies, waiting to be whipped up into delectable festive dishes.

One tip to keep your herbs from drying up is to roll the stems up in a damp paper towel, and transfer to an airtight container before refrigerating. More importantly, don’t forget to fill up your fridge with these healthy staples so making smart eating choices comes easy to everyone in the family!

Cook Up Traditional Tastes

Impress your guests and level up your cooking style with a brand new kitchen hob. Plenty of classic Indian delicacies we love like sev, murukku, and vadai are deep-fried items, which means that they require good, strong flames to give you that beautiful, golden brown crust.

A premium selection that comes with tempered glass and stainless steel support, gas hobs offer powerful capacity of up to 4kW so you can cook up fiery Indian cuisines with ease. Induction hobs are equally convenient - simply activate the PowerBoost function faster heating with up to 50% more power. Go for the bigger model with up to five burners if you plan on entertaining regularly.

Wash, Clean and Rejuvenate

Post-cooking soiree doesn’t have to turn into hours of scrubbing away at your kitchenware. Take this time to kick back and mingle with your guests instead!

A handy addition to every modern Indian home, a dishwasher is designed to remove stubborn oil, masala and tadka stains from your kadhais. Select the intensive 70°C wash programme and place your heavily soiled crockery and dishes in the lower basket, where they will be exposed to the highest spray pressure for a thorough wash.

But Diwali isn’t all just cleaning and shopping, it’s a time to spread good cheer, have fun and make the most of the festive season with your loved ones! However you celebrate, we wish you a safe, prosperous and happy Diwali.

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