Warranty extension.

Simple. Secure. The Bosch Extended Warranty.

With the extended warranty, your Bosch home appliance will be repaired free of charge even after the 2-year manufacturer's warranty – for another 3 years.

Special protection for your Bosch home appliances.

You want to enjoy your Bosch home appliances for many years. That's why we give a 24-month manufacturer's warranty from delivery. And then? We've come up with something very special for you: the Bosch Extended Warranty for a further 36 months of service reliability.

Extend warranty now

General information about extending your warranty.

Extending your Bosch warranty simply means extending outstanding service offers – along with prolonging your serenity when it comes to your home appliance.

Extended benefits

This way you can easily continue to benefit from the quick-response services of our highly skilled technician team, that is specialized in the maintenance and repair of Bosch home appliances. And calling upon their expert assistance is naturally cost-free in case of material and/or fabrication defects: no call-out fees, repair costs or spare parts expenses.

The price of calmness

The once-only payment of 129 Euros upon signing the contract keeps you independent of any increase of service charges.

How to keep your peace of mind

You can opt for the extension of your warranty anytime within the duration of your standard 2 years factory warranty and the extension becomes effective automatically after the initial warranty cycle expires.

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Instruction Manuals

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