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The New Home Owner's Guide to Household Appliances

From space-saving appliances and their unique benefits, to comprehensive guides on finding the perfect fridge, hob and washing machine for your lifestyle — have all your queries answered here with our New Home Owner's Guide to Household Appliances.

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Previous Editions

The Ultimate Home Detox Guide

Dust mites, toxins and stubborn grime should have no place in your home. Here, we show you how to take your detox game to the next level with our tried-and-true cleaning regimen and household staples. With an eye towards bringing wellness into your life, everything you need for a sparkling clean home environment is right here at your fingertips.

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In the Mood to Party

Make the year-end festivities easier with our collection of no-fail recipes and helpful guides. With food and wine pairings, gift ideas, menu plans and party clean-up hacks, we’ve lined up everything you need for your Christmas to end on an impressive note.

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Smarter Ways to Clean your Home

Having sparkling clean dishes and fresh, dust-free air doesn’t have to take hours. Take a leaf out of our smart cleaning guide and learn how you can thoroughly eliminate grime, and spruce up your home in half the time.

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On the Run – Quick Hacks

Time is definitely of the essence when you have a busy schedule to manage. To help you save time, here are some shortcuts to make life easier, so that you can spend more time on yourself and the other things that matter most. Say hello to a wide array of kitchen and cleaning hacks that will aid you in cooking up a storm in a short time while keeping your household chores in check!

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Kitchen 101

Chances are, the kitchen is the heart of your home. There’s just something wonderful about cooking together with the kids, and gathering around the dining table to catch up over a day’s work - it’s a functional and intimate space for the family. Discover a host of smart ideas to maximise every inch work of your kitchen, and tips to keep your steel appliances looking as good as new!

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Great for Families

Setting the scene for a family feast needn’t be an arduous task. Find the best ways to involve the kids in the kitchen while you prepare for a relaxing weekend brunch, or a hearty get-together for eight. Here we reveal tips and tricks to keep family affairs big on taste, but small on effort.

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Your Guide to Washing Like a Pro

Here’s a fun trivia: did you know that all that time you save from using a dishwasher adds up to roughly 23 days - days you could have spent going ona holiday? When dealing with what may well be your least favourite chores, it helps to take a fresh approach. Combining lesser-known facts with expert recommendations, find all the tips and advice you need to master your laundry day and dishwashing chores like a true pro!

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Perfect for Beginners

Looking to whip up a gourmet feast in under 30 minutes? You’re at the right place. Here's your crash course on how to make easy, healthy and impressive homemade meals — complete with step-by-step photos, original recipes and more!

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Christmas Edition

Its beginning to smell alot like Christmas! And what better way to celebrate this occassion than with family, friends and food - glorious food! In this issue of Living with Bosch, we have up our sleeve-sumptious Christmas Recipes, tips to host the perfect Christmas party and much more. So make yourself a cuppa, lounge on a comfy chair and browse away.

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