How to Wash Your Delicates the Right Way

Nobody likes doing the laundry — which is why some people have the habit of tossing the family’s entire load of dirty clothes into the washing machine during each cycle without an afterthought. Yet, no matter how much time you want to save, undergarments, knits and silks should always be treated with special care or risk the possibility of getting damaged.

Wash your most delicate items by hand

A good hand-washing technique requires the following basic steps: filling a large basin with lukewarm water, adding a mild detergent, and gently submerging your garments. Avoid scrubbing your clothes too hard and be sure to change the water every few loads, especially if a previous load contained heavily soiled articles.

Read the laundry label

If you spent a lot of money on a new knit sweater, chances are you would want to take the best care of it — and it is not hard at all to do so. Examine the labels on your clothes to check if they require washing by hand, dry-cleaning or other specific treatments to give them the best possible care.

Use a laundry wash bag

Place your delicates in a laundry wash bag to prevent them from possibly getting tangled up with other clothing in the washing machine. Be sure to select a gentle cycle as well for total peace of mind.

Wash similar items together

Contrary to popular belief, washing your delicates in the washing machine is fine so long as you do it properly. Aim to wash only garments of the same material together and do not overload the machine so that they have room to be properly cleaned.

Use a gentle detergent

Ordinary detergents are usually made to tackle tough soiling, but they are much too harsh on delicate clothing. Invest in laundry soap specialised in treating fragile materials — they are mild enough to preserve fabrics but tough enough to remove perspiration and light stains.

Dry your clothes naturally

Instead of relying on a dryer to dry your clothes, gently wring your delicates before allowing them to dry on a clothesline. Be sure to keep them away from direct sunlight in case of mild bleaching over time.

Use special settings

Bosch washing machines have an inbuilt Delicate/Silk Programme suitable for silks, delicate viscose and synthetic items, as well as a Wool Programme tailored to provide the ultimate care for wool garments. These programmes help your clothes maintain the best possible condition with little fuss.

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