Teochew-style Mooncakes (Low Calorie, No Pork, No Lard)

Smooth yam paste enveloped by a fragrant pastry skin, our recipe for this traditional festive favourite takes a healthier twist without the conventional use of lard.

Difficulty: Hard l Servings: Approx. 20 pieces l Preparation Time: 30 Minutes l Cooking Time: 90 Minutes

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Pesto Pasta

Packed with flavour and easy to make, this pesto pasta makes for a delicious and filling meal anytime of the day.

Difficulty: Easy l Servings: 5 l Preparation Time: 20 Minutes l Cooking Time: 25 Minutes

Crème Brûlée

Try this dessert to understand how humble ingredients like eggs, sugar and whipping cream can combine to form a sweet that is much sought-after.

Difficulty: Easy l Servings: 4 l Preparation Time: 20 Minutes l Cooking Time: 25 Minutes

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Fans of chocolate and gluten-free food rejoice! This deceptively easy bake recipe makes it possible to satisfy any sweet tooth. Now, who says you can’t have your cake and eat it?

Difficulty: Hard l Servings: 4 l Preparation Time: 45 Minutes l Cooking Time: 35 Minutes

Carrot and Orange with Candied Ginger Soup

Cosy up on a cool day with this flavourful, sweet and warm soup - Also extremely easy and quick to prepare.

Difficulty: Easy l Servings: 6 l Preparation Time: 15 Minutes l Cooking Time: 20 Minutes

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