The OptiMUM kitchen machine

60 years of experience are simply the best recipe.

From now on, you're ideally equipped for any baking idea you have. The powerful OptiMUM with an integrated scale and SensorControl Plus automatically creates perfect results.

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Innovative: Integrated scale.

You won't find anything more practical or more convenient. Weighing the ingredients directly in the bowl or accessory saves time and space since you don't need a separate kitchen scale. And your mixtures for delicious cakes, gateaux etc. will succeed even more easily.

Perfect timing with the timer function.

It couldn't be more convenient. Simply set the required mixing time and the OptiMUM will knead, stir or mix for as long as you want it to. While OptiMUM does it, you can get on with preparing other things, because it stops automatically.

Always perfect - whipped egg whites and cream, yeast dough.

The intelligent automatic SensorControl Plus programmes make sure that the consistency of cream, whipped egg whites and even yeast dough is perfect, simply at the push of a button. You can set the desired kneading time the way you want using the integrated timer.

1500 watts make light work of even heavy dough.

Enjoy perfectly mixed doughs and batters with the extra powerful 1500 watt motor and intelligent Smart dough sensor. The mixing speed stays consistently high, and makes quick work of even heavy mixes and large quantities.

Accessories ready to use quickly and easily.

The OptiMUM's practical accessories have a colour coding, which is also provided on the kitchen machine's appliance connections. That means that you can see at a glance which accessory needs to be mounted and where.

Get going straight away thanks to the automatic accessory recognition. The mixing tools are recognised automatically and the proper spin speed set, making operating errors practically impossible.

Made for major challenges: the 5.5 l bowl.

Made for major challenges: the 5.5 l bowl.

Whether it's a children's birthday, anniversary party or pizza evening with friends, the elegant, sturdy stainless steel mixing bowl with a capacity of 5.5 l can process even large quantities, such as 3.5 kg of cake mix, at one go. The two handles ensure convenience as well.

Perfectly combined thanks to 3D Planetary Mixing.

Thanks to the stirring movements in three directions at the same time, your ingredients are always perfectly mixed. Nothing stays stuck to the edge of the bowl, and all the ingredients end up in the mixture.

High-quality professional patisserie set as standard always included.

High-quality professional patisserie set as standard always included.

With the stainless steel whisk for cream, whipped egg whites, batters and cake mixes, the kneading hook for heavy doughs such as yeast dough and the flexible beater, you're ready to produce any baking creation.

Enjoy delicious baking ideas really easily.

Enjoy delicious baking ideas really easily.

60 years of experience are simply the best recipe. Find out for yourself – try out our three recipe highlights here!

Lime tart, cinnamon rolls, Christmas stollen. Have fun!

Endless possibilities for all your favourite dishes.

Our accessories give you all the options. From home-made pizza the way you like it, to juicy burger creations, healthy smoothies, hearty soups and healthy baby food, our accessory sets let you give your creativity free rein.

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Endless possibilities for all your favourite dishes.

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