Coffee Machines

Cleaning Tablets

Article Nr: 00311769

Content: 10 tablets

- Cleaning tablets suitable for all our fully automatic coffee machines

- Coffee residue can be cleaned away easily with these cleaning tablets which are perfectly fitted to your appliance

- Can improve appliance performance and lifetime by cleaning away coffee grease and residue

-1 tablet per treatment

Descaling Tablets

Article Nr: 00311864

Content: 6 tablets x 18g

- Removes limescale quickly and effectively

- Can improve lifetime and performance of the appliance

- Easy to dose and can be used in coffee machine descaling programmes (see manual)

- Not for use with galvanised steel or enamel appliances, except for acid-resistant enamel

- 2 tablets per treatment

Water Filter for coffee machines and coffee centres

Article Nr: 00461732

Content: 1 x water filter

- Removes chlorine from water therefore improving quality and taste

- One cartridge filters 50 litres of water, approximately 400 cups

- Filter will need to be replaced every 2 months, or as notified by your appliance. Always remove the filter when descaling the appliance

- Suitable for appliances TKN68E... TK60001GB... TK64002GB... TK68E7GB

Brita Intenza Filter

Article Nr: 00575491

Content: 1 x water filter

- Removes chlorine from tap water

- Protects appliance from limescale deposits and improves taste and aroma of coffee

-Adjustable, depending on water hardness

- Suitable for appliances Suitable for TCA7... TCC78.../ TK7.../ TE7.../ TES.../ EQ7.../ Verobar/ Veroprofessional/ C77V6.../ CM250 and various older models.

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