Aqua Stop Extension & Drain Hose

Article Nr: 00350564

Content: 1 x extension hose

- Length: 2 m

- Extends the water inlet and outlet up to 3.6 m

- Necessary if distance from water connection is more than 1.2 or 1.4 m (please refer to instructions)

- Suitable for all dishwashers


Article Nr: 00427903

Content: 1 x filter

- Complete cylindrical filter unit for dishwashers

- Complete filter unit with gauze cover

- Replacement can aid dishwashing results if your filter has become badly blocked or damaged

- Please see also our dishwasher cleaners sold under part number 00311565 and 00311580 which help with regular cleaning of the dishwasher

Cutlery Basket

Article Nr: 00093046

Content: 1 x basket

- Flexible basket with six cutlery compartments and partitions

Glass holder rack

Article Nr: 00670481

Content: 1 x rack

- Ideal for washing long-stemmed wine and champagne glasses and cups

- Folding spines in the lower basket are tilted back so that the special basket can be inserted

- Capacity: 12 long-stemmed glasses or 24 cups

- Suitable for all 60 cm dishwashers

- Dimensions: 49 cm x 34 cm x 26 cm (length x width x height)

Glass holder rack

Article Nr: 00612114

Content: 1 x spray head

- Powerful spray shower cleans off food particles and grease

- Fits easily on to the back wall of the dishwasher

- Ideal for washing large items like metal grease filters, baking trays or roasting pans

- This spray head fits dishwashwashers with the dosage detergent dispenser on the middle of the door or with a dosage assist detergent dispenser

- Before ordering, please check your appliance for compatibility

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