Vacuum Cleaners

PowerProtect Dustbags (Type G)

Article Nr: 17000940 - BBZ41FGALL

Content: 4 dustbags

- Ensures high suction power on low wattage vacuum cleaners when the dust bag fills up

- Latest fleece technology for a longer service life

- Suitable for all current models except BSG8…, BSN… up to energy efficiency class A

- Excellent cleaning results also for appliances with higher wattage

MegaAir SuperTEX - Type K

Article Nr: 00468265

Content: 4 vacuum cleaner bags and 1 micro-hygiene filter

- Made with synthetic materials for maximum particle intake

- Hygiene shutter ensures safe disposal of the vacuum cleaner bags

- Suitable for BSN..., BSG1..., VS01... and VS01E…

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