Life-Changing Laundry Tips Everyone Must Know

Let’s face it; your washing machine is probably one of the most helpful appliances you own. Besides doing all the dirty work for you, it also allows you to put your effort and time to better use as compared to washing clothes by hand. However, your laundry game doesn’t just stop here.

Here are some other laundry tips that will make life even simpler:

Tip #1: Use a Laundry Bag for Socks

Did you know? Popping all your socks into a laundry bag is a life-saver! Besides making it easier to grab out of the machine, you will also never have a drawer of unmatched socks again. What the laundry bag also does is protect the socks from being snagged, tugged at, and roughed up by other clothes.

Tip #2: Turn those Dark Clothes Inside Out

Nobody wants their favourite pair of pants or that little black dress to fade to grey. Always remember to turn your dark clothing inside out before you wash, and especially when they’re drying out in the sun to minimise fading.

Tip #3: Clean your Washing Machine

We rely on our washing machines to keep our clothes clean, but it's equally important to give the drum surface a good clean too. Every 2-3 months, run a wash program which operates at 90℃ with an empty load and add in some bleach. Some washing machines also come with a Drum Clean programme to effectively eliminate odour and germs.

Tip #4: Immediately Rewash Clothing that have Fallen Victim to Colour Bleeding

The first thing to do once you open your washing machine is to quickly find the offending clothing item that was the root of the problem.

Then, rewash your clothes immediately as it's much easier to get the stains out when they're still fresh.

Tip #5: Get the Kids Involved in Laundry Activities

Everyone in the family can help out with the laundry in one way or another. You could get dark and light laundry baskets so kids can easily sort out the coloured clothes from the whites. With each freshly laundered load, teach your kids how to ball up socks or fold underwear. You could also enlist their help to put their own clothes away.

Once you start implementing these tips in your daily life, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do all this sooner. After all, sometimes it’s the simple things that end up making a huge difference.

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